Pick The Best Custom Lanyards Style For Your Needs

Lanyards have definitely reached their popularity since time immemorial. They have become a trend, not only for students but also for professionals alike. They have undoubtedly been a part of everyone’s life.

Over time, different custom lanyards styles have popped up each has its own unique features and qualities. So you are probably left wondering which style is the best among its kind.Nylon lanyards

Actually, there is no such thing as best lanyard style. However, choosing the correct style, which fits your needs and suits the situation can have a different impact to both the wearer and the people around him. Before deciding which style to use for your lanyard, familiarize yourself with these styles and know which one you are looking for.


If you are looking for an affordable yet quality lanyard, flat polyester is one of your best choices. The most popular style among its kind, flat polyester is comfortable to wear and assures you of a clean text or logo print.
In addition, this style is professional looking, commonly used among businesses, schools and organizations. You can design it with the company name or logo and serve as part of the uniform.
Flat polyester commonly uses silk screen printing, which has good durability and vibrant print. It is also clean and best for simple company logos.

Polyester lanyards are also a choice if you are aiming for affordable but quality event freebies. This lanyard style is great for giveaways as it is cheap and can last for a long time, making it a good memorabilia for your events.


Opting for a classic and simple look? Then Woven style is for you!
The woven style, as the name suggests, embroiders your message on the lanyard using threads. However, since this style utilizes the weaving process, it is restricted to simple designs only. A complicated text or logo can prove a serious challenge to achieve with this style.Tubular lanyards
If you opt for this style for your custom lanyards, rest assured that the woven style gives an elegant look to anyone who wears it.
This style is commonly used in workplaces, companies and businesses.


If you are looking for a soft and comfortable lanyard, go with tubular.
Tubular lanyards are made from stitched polyester, wherein the end is curved to form a tubular shape, similar to a tubular shoelace. Since it is made from polyester, it is also affordable and is the most economical and budget-friendly.

This lanyard style also uses the same printing technique as the polyester, giving a clear and crisp print.
Because of affordability, tubular lanyards are also great for giveaways, especially during sports and musical events.


Nylon lanyards are known for their smooth and shiny texture, making them more effective choices if you want your lanyard to stand out. The material is thicker than polyester and guarantees high aesthetic and outstanding quality.

However, nylon lanyards are less affordable than polyester, but you are assured that you get what you pay for. This style is highly durable, which is best for long-term use.

Like polyester, this style also uses the silk screen printing technique and assures high-quality finish.

Nylon lanyards work best for promoting company brands, as these will definitely stand out.

Dye Sublimated

Go dye sub if you want tough, long-lasting custom lanyards!

The dye sub lanyards do not wear off and are permanent, as the printing goes directly through the polyester materials. With this style, unlimited colors are allowed for a standout look. It also guarantees high quality, smooth and soft features for a more comfortable experience.Custom Lanyards

Dye Substyle undergoes heat transfer printing, which allows a back and forth design. It is also great for complex designs and multi-colored logos.
With its ability to imprint complex designs, the dye sub-style is your one stop for a fashionable lanyard. Why go with plain and simple designs if you can have a trendy and attractive look? In addition, it also works best for brand promotion purposes.


Not a fan of tubular shoelace style? Then the cord style may be for you.
The cord style features round lanyards that resemble shoestrings. This style is also called shoestring lanyard, which offers soft and great wear comfort for everyone.

This shoestring lanyard promises a clean and classic look for an affordable price. It works best for holding your items if you are the clumsy type who keeps on misplacing things!

It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the different styles the custom lanyards offer. It does not only determine the quality of the product you are getting, but also the maximum satisfaction you can get from your purchase.

Regardless of your chosen style, we can assure you that we can offer everything you need for your custom lanyards. Whatever you need style, color or design, rest assured that we got you covered.

Lanyards as tokens for your occasion participants or searching for a specially crafted cord for your workers, you can discover what you are searching for in different online Lanyards stores.