How Do Hybrid Clubs Up Your Game?

Hybrid clubs are more popular and more in demand these days. To be able to keep up, knowing at least the basics is a necessity.

Since the composition  of the golf ball has changed over the last 10 years, its spin rate had changed too so keeping the ball airborne is a bit harder to achieve now. Long irons are harder to hit while fairway wood requires too much room to swing.

Benefits of Using the Hybrid

Hybrid GolfThere are three things that keep the ball airborne, namely: (1)speed, (2)spin rate and (3)launch angle. The hybrid clubs are little longer so it increases the ball’s speed and the launch angle. A lot of players use the 3-hybrid club to replace either 2-irons or their 3-irons. Also, because of the wood-like clubface that hybrids have, they are often used for long shots from difficult rough. Since shots that need punching out to low hanging branches, are difficult to maneuver with wood, hybrids are perfect for the job.

The average golfer, with the use of the hybrid, can give the ball a higher trajectory without changing his swing. Some players hit the hybrid clubs as they would irons. This is mainly because they hit down on the ball. However, if the player usually sweeps the ball, they should hit it up more. The hybrid club is designed like a 3-wood or a 5-wood with shorter length, helping players keep the club face square upon impact, especially on shots that need lengthy approach.

When using a long iron during the first cut of rough, the longer grass tends to grab the clubface and the hosel resulting to the ball being elevated and kept within target line. However, when a hybrid is used, it will bore through easily resulting to better and consistent impact.

The average shaft length of a 3-iron is about 38.5 inches while the hybrid counterpart has a longer shaft at 41 inches, improving the center of gravity.

Choosing Hybrids

When choosing hybrid club shafts, players must find something heavier than the fairway wood they use but lighter than the iron the player is used to. It is recommended to just have the at least 1-hybrid, 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid clubs in the bag but for players with preference to 5-wood, the 1-hybrid is a better choice.

Starters must find one that with a lower center of gravity and a larger head. Note that manufacturers have different standard lengths for all clubs so knowing what fits the player is utmost necessity. The shaft of a hybrid is the same as an iron shaft. However, their thickness differs. The hosel of an iron is 1/16 of an inch wider than that of a 5-wood. This characteristic keeps the head of irons and hybrids from twisting therefore a bit more accurate.

When the player’s swing is a bit slow, replacing their 6-iron with a 3-hybrid up to a 5-hybrid. These gives five to eight yards farther than the iron counterparts even though the hybrids will not roll as far because of the increased trajectory.Hybrid Golf Clubs

In addition, beware of some manufacturers marketing irons as hybrid clubs to cut production costs. They just add one or more features to make it look more like a hybrid. The said clubs have faces that looks very similar to an iron but instead of the usual cavity-back or muscle-back design, they have a slightly bulging back to appear more like a wood. Some players actually choose these products because they swing like irons despite having added weight. How is this achieved? It’s quite simple. The weight increases the force of the swing while slowing it down.